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Statistics facing Jamaican girls:

  • 40% of Jamaican women have been pregnant at least once before twenty years of age and 85% of pregnancies are unplanned

  • In 2013, 3386 cases of carnal abuse reported, 92% of these were girls

  • Adolescent girls 10-19 are 3X more likely to become infected with HIV than boys

UN Statistics:

  • Girls who attend secondary/tertiary schools marry and have children later​

  • Girls who attend secondary/tertiary schools have lower rates of HIV/AIDS

  • Every additional year of education can increase a girls earning power by 10-20%


Street Harassment


Street harassment is a gender equality and human rights issue. Help us end street harassment and it’s ability to limit girl’s peace of mind and mobility.

Together we can raise our voices to create change globally, nationally and locally. GWG believes each girl has the power to speak truth and demand gender equality while advocating for women’s empowerment. Our girls are taking action to bring about social change in public spaces.


Street harassment limits girls access to public spaces and lowers their comfort level there. Harassment can cause girls to choose less convenient routes and alter their routines; give up hobbies; change habits; miss school; quit jobs; move neighborhoods or simply stay home.


Please join us in changing the lives of Thousands of Girls

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