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Your gift can change a life. Make a difference in the life of girl and support her commitment to her goals. Stand with us and give a girl the opportunity to create a better future.


Start a Fundraiser

We welcome organizations to adopt us as their cause and become one of our fund raising partners for the present and beyond. Once we receive your application form we will be in touch with logo templates for you to upload onto your internet and intranet and we are here to support you in whatever way you need.


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Girlz with Goals seeks to capitalize on the talents, support and commitment of successful women. Your words of wisdom, guidance, support and life lessons will change the lives of girls across Jamaica. As such, we invite you to step up and volunteer at one of our school events. You could be a Facilitator working with a group of 15-20 girls on a range of confidence building exercises. Or you could be a Mentor sharing your career journey with a girl.  You will be well briefed for both roles, so please volunteer with us and meet some awesome girls.

Thank You! Your support will help a girl realize her full potential and meet her goals.